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We are a full-service real estate company based in Seattle, founded by Jim Haywood in 2005. Jim Haywood is the principal of Jim Haywood Real Estate Services LLC, with over 15 years experience managing properties in Hudson Valley, New York & Seattle, Washington.

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We have a team of experts to take care of you

Our team of experts are here to help you and make your property journey easier. Whether you are a property owner looking to have an experienced team manage it for you, or tenant looking for your perfect property - we can help! Our aim is to make your property journey as easy as possible.

We can manage your properties with ease

We can manage your properties, giving your peace of mind your tenants are being looked after 24/7. We are able to inspect, repairs, provide maintenance or legal services of your properties, anywhere. We also use industry leading software so you can access your information and your tenant can manage their rental.


We help you Find & purchase or rent your dream home

Jim Haywood Real Estate Services provides you with an advanced search platform to find your perfect home. Once you've found your home, our expert team will help you purchase or rent the property. Our aim is to make your move a stress-free breeze.

Types of properties we manage

We have over fifteen years of experience managing single family, multi-family, professional buildings, condos and mixed-use buildings.

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