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Jim Haywood Real Estate Services is a team of experienced professionals who have been managing, selling and renting properties for decades. Our personal team love to work together with property owners and tenants looking to make their journey easier.


Jim M. Haywood


Jim Haywood is the principal of Jim Haywood Real Estate Services LLC.

He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of San Francisco, graduating with honors.

He has managed, as Chief Executive Officer several multi-million-dollar businesses with profit and loss responsibility, both domestically and internationally.

His experience includes managing credit card operations, credit repository business mortgage credit operations.

Jim previously provided property management services for all types of properties in the Hudson Valley and upstate New York, including single family, multi-family, professional buildings, condos and mixed-use buildings.

Until recently he managed a number of Condominium Associations in the Seattle area. They have included small six to eight units. Several were quite large with sixteen to fifty-six units and a town home group.

Cheryl Kitchin


I will place your needs and goals as my primary focus. This requires excellent communication between us. I invite you to expect quick responses to your questions with data to back up my answers!

I can offer you a long list of professionals to help you prepare your home for sale or meet with you to find the best mortgage to meet your needs. If you need a contractor to give you estimates for remodeling costs, I have worked with several who will work with you make the best decisions possible.

First time buyers can count on me to walk with them every step of the way from search to success!

For those who are downsizing, I will always listen to your deepest needs, from staying close to grandchildren to following the sun! I try to make your like less stressful.

For those who have outgrown a loved home, I will lead you a home you can embrace.

MY point is that you are unique. Each person who works with me should expect one on one service, always with support and confidence. It is an honor to be part of your life while you make your next Real Estate choices.

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